Presentación de libro “Ethnographies of ‘On demand’ Films”

Este jueves 9 de diciembre a las 2pm hora de México (5pm hora de Brasilia) presentaremos, de modo virtual, el libro “Ethnographies of ‘On demand’ Films. Anthropological explorations of commissioned audiovisual productions”, editado por Alex Vailati y Gabriela Zamorano (Palgrave-Macmillan 2021). El registro al evento se puede hacer mediante el código QR que aparece en el afiche. Ojalá puedan acompañarnos!


Over the last two decades, the advent of cheap, user-friendly video technologies has contributed to a revolution in representational agency. Videos are now made by production units that are at times composed of families, churches, musical groups, community associations or other institutions. Thus, on-demand videos produced and distributed within local and atypical networks profoundly shape contemporary urban imaginaries. This book explores the intertwined relations among infrastructure, technology, and modernity through an ordinary, yet little studied field of “on-demand” audiovisual production, which involves processes of negotiation and interaction between clients and commissioned video makers. On-demand films are considered as a space of collaboration and self-representation, that allows to reflect on the potential of fiction, artifice, and montage to render material desires, aspirations, and ideas of the future.